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Plastic Processing Machinery and Equipment for Converters and Recyclers

Plastic Processing Machinery and Equipment for Converters and Recyclers

Plastic Processing Machinery and Equipment for Converters and RecyclersPlastic Processing Machinery and Equipment for Converters and Recyclers

gravimetric Continuous Measuring systems

MCWeight: self-regulating material measuring system for extruders


The MCWeight is specially designed to measure the actual feed capacity of an extruder. It has an integrated weighing module to accurately measure throughput and an integrated knife valve to control the filling.

Combined with one or more Movacolor units, the MCWeight tracks even the smallest capacity variation of the extruder. It adjusts the additive dosing from the dosing units accordingly. 

Dried material with a temperature up to 180°C can be handled with the MCWeight. 

This throughput measurement system enables you to get the best out of  your extrusion line. It gives you real time insight into your actual  line capacity and tracks the consumption of your materials.  In combination with our MCLine Control it can even control your complete  extrusion line including upstream and downstream equipment.


Features MCWeight

  • For granulates, regrinds and free-flowing powders
  • Continuous loss-in-weight measuring
  • Fast response to capacity changes
  • Automatic filling through an integrated, pneumatic knife gate in top flange
  • Control via 8” full color touch screen
  • Available in 100, 500 or 1,200 kg/h
  • Industry 4.0 ready

Benefits MCWeight

  • Plug and play
    The MCWeight can be connected to up to 14 Movacolor dosing units. No  interface control with the extruder is required. Per co-extruder you  can install an MCWeight that allows the controlling of multiple MCWeight  units with one control interface.
  • Quality control
    Quality is controlled by continually monitoring data from both the MCWeight and the dosing units. The MCSmart program gives you this maximum control. With the MCLine Control you can even fully control the extrusion line.
  • Basis for full control of your extrusion line
    The MCWeight is the perfect basis for your MCContinuous Blender or for your MCLine Control system

MCWeight P: measuring actual feed capacity of an extruder consuming powder


The MCWeight P is designed for measuring pourable powders like PVC  dry blend. The MCWeight P can also be applied for granular materials or  pourable regrinds that contain dust. The construction of the pneumatic  knife gate is dust tight. The manchets are dust tight and there are  additional dust filters to handle powder.

The MCWeight P, like the MCWeight, is designed to measure the actual  feed capacity of the extruder, save expensive additives and ensure high  quality end product in extrusion production.

The MCWeight P measures the throughput of the main material and  provides the exact throughput/output of your extruder within seconds of  start up. Combined with up to to six MCBalance  dosing systems, the MCWeight tracks the smallest capacity variation of  the extruder. The additive dosing from the MCBalance(s) adjusts  accordingly. The MCWeight P for powder comes in 500 kg/h and 1000 kg/h  versions.


Features MCWeight P

  • Continuous loss-in-weight measuring
  • Automatic filling through an integrated, pneumatic knife gate in top flange
  • Communication TCP/IP or Modbus
  • Menu guided control and graphic, LCD display with backlight
  • Capacity from 3 kg/h up to 1000 kg/h depending on the material
  • Industry 4.0 ready

Benefits MCWeight P

  • More control over the production process
  • Prevents overdosing
  • Quick color changes that can be performed during operation without interrupting the production process
  • Robust design and very easy to clean
  • Plug and play

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gravimetric continuous blending Systems

MCContinuous Blender: unique modular in-line blender system


The MCContinuous Blender covers most of the available materials like  granulates, regrinds, powders and liquids. All this in one system, with  one standard controller and integrated loader control.

All the benefits of a continuous blender are suddenly within your  reach. Our experience with in-line gravimetric dosing helps you to  achieve the required accuracy for all your components, directly on the  extruder.

Advanced blending systems are often seen as complete plant engineered  solutions. Movacolor has developed a unique modular system that allows  you to put together a full gravimetric continuous blending system. Up to  15 components can be controlled from one controller. These systems can  be installed on one extruder or on multiple co-extruders, creating a  control platform for multiple continuous blenders in one system. 

The system grows with your future needs. New components can easily be integrated without changes to the controller. 


Features MCContinuous Blender

  • Capacities up to 2,000 kg/h. Fully gravimetric
  • Modular system: granulates, regrinds, powders and liquids
  • Handles up to 15 components
  • Multiple continuous blenders on one standard controller
  • High accuracy and direct response to recipe change
  • Integrated loader control
  • Can be extended or modified easily for future needs
  • Industry 4.0 ready

Benefits MCContinuous Blender

  • Modular control system
    The 8” full color touch screen controller can control up to 15  components on either one extruder or divided over several  co-extruders. Standard software can be configured on the spot and  systems can be expanded without additional controller changes.
  • Different materials handled
    All standard Movacolor gravimetric units  can be integrated into one blending system, able to dose granulates,  regrinds, powders and liquids in the configuration you wish.

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MCHybrid 200: the best of dosing and blending in one system with real time throughput measurement


The MCHybrid 200* is a unique dosing concept that combines two technologies into one system: batch blending and in-line dosing.

The main materials or regrinds are mixed in an extreme compact  gravimetric batch blender. Because the system only blends the main  materials, the blending speed is high and therefore the batch blender  remains small.

The additives are dosed gravimetrically in-line, directly on the throat of the injection molding machine or extruder.

By using these two blending and dosing technologies in one machine,  you are able to control the main materials in any given ratio and at the  same time dose additives at low percentages with unequalled accuracy.

The MCHybrid 200 is available for capacities up to 1,000 kg/h with  2-8 blending components and up to maximum 14 in-line dosing components.

If requested, the blender itself can also be used without the in-line  dosing units. In that case the capacity and the accuracy will reduce  compared to the MCHybrid concept. 

* patent pending


Features MCHybrid 200

  • Fully gravimetric
  • 8” full color touch screen with user-friendly interface
  • Able to store up to 1,000 recipes
  • Capacity max. 1,000 kg/h
  • 2-8 main components and max. 14 in-line additives
  • Extremely compact
  • Able to handle powders and liquids in one system
  • Quick and easy change of additives
  • Option of weighing mixing bin (real time throughput measurement)
  • Industry 4.0 ready

Benefits MCHybrid 200

  • Compact design
    Because only the main components are blended gravimetrically, a high  capacity can be achieved with a relatively small batch blender.
  • Different materials handled
    The in-line dosing of the additives allows easy color change plus the  option to use additives that cannot be handled with a regular batch  blender, such as powders or liquids.
  • Extremely accurate
    As the additives are dosed in-line, no segregation can take place which prevents color variations.

MCContinuous Blender


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