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Plastic Processing Machinery and Equipment for Converters and Recyclers

Plastic Processing Machinery and Equipment for Converters and Recyclers

Plastic Processing Machinery and Equipment for Converters and RecyclersPlastic Processing Machinery and Equipment for Converters and Recyclers


MCLine Control: fully integrated yield control for extrusion lines


Increasing material prices and higher quality demands to require full  control of your extrusion lines. Movacolor offers this with our MCWeight throughput measurement system  in the capacity range between 10-1,200 kg/h. The 8” full color touch  screen controller can be connected directly to your extrusion line. 

There are four control options:

  1. Capacity control (kg/h)
  2. Yield control (kg/m) - manual puller speed
  3. Yield control (kg/m) - manual extruder speed
  4. Capacity and yield control - extruder and puller controlled

Interfacing with extruders and pullers, as well as with central  control systems, can be done with a wide variety of interfaces, whether  analog or via several bus systems. 

The extremely simple user interface allows your operators to run the  extrusion lines with an absolute minimum of scrap within the tightest  possible quality margins.


Features MCLine Control

  • Manual and automatic operation mode, seamless changeover
  • Ramp up / ramp down control
  • Four different control configurations
  • Different I/O options (analog, digital)
  • Consumption counters for material usage monitoring

Benefits MCLine Control

  • Integrated control system
    The 8” full color touch screen controller not only controls the complete  extrusion line, but can control multiple continuous blenders at the  same time. 
  • Continuous blender set-up
    The MCWeight throughput measurement system can be integrated with other dosing systems into a continuous blender.

MCSmart: continuous data logging software for monitoring, quality control and material management


MCSmart monitors the performance of all gravimetric Movacolor systems  controlled from one to unlimited number of touch screen controllers. 

The system is based on a SQL database for 24/7 of data collection. Data can be retrieved at any time, even after months.

MCSmart can be installed as stand alone or a server/client  application. Multiple desktop users can access the database. Available  functions depend on used login level securing any risk of unintended  use. 

An unlimited reporting function for generating material consumption reports and alarm summary reports is at your disposal. 

Connection is established via standard LAN network. The software can  be installed on any standard PC, stand alone or in a central server  configuration.

All recipes can be made and managed in this system. These recipes are  synchronized to individual units and can either be activated locally or  remote, taking away any possible operator mistakes. 

The remote operation option allows you to duplicate the touch screen  on your computer and perform all operations, as if you were in front of  the unit.


Features MCSmart

  • Real time monitoring
  • Data logging
  • Reporting
  • Material management
  • Recipe management
  • Back-up and restore

Benefits MCSmart

  • Continuous data logging
    All process parameters are continuously stored in a database. Data can be retrieved and analyzed at any time.
  • Reporting
    Custom reports can be generated for a daily journal of material consumption and product quality.

 Gravimetric Dosing systems that can be equipped with MCSmart Software

Compressed Air automatic hopper Loaders

ME Hopper Loader: for masterbatch and regrind


Movacolor Ejector (ME) compressed air Hopper Loader for granules can  be fitted directly on to the 6 and 12 liter material hoppers. Maximum  capacity 40 to 125 kg/h (material depending) Complete with hopper lid,  dust filter, solenoid valve, material hose, Asens level sensor and  suction probe.With the automatic Hopper Loader for masterbatch and regrind, the  hopper will automatically be filled. This is an advantage because the  gravimetric or volumetric dosing unit can never run out of masterbatch  and/or regrind.The ME automatic filling system blows the material from the bag, drum  or container into the hopper of the dosing system. The hopper lid of  the housing has a simple and easy-to-clean dust filter to keep any dust  particles in the hopper. The ME Hopper Loader is controlled by the  electronics of the dosing unit.

Features ME Hopper Loader

  • For vol unit, for granules (relatively dust free)
  • Maximum capacity 40 to 125 kg/h.
  • With cyclone hopper lid and filter, solenoid valve, 3m transport hose and Asens level sensor

Benefits ME Hopper Loader

  • Fully integrated with dosing units
  • Compact building size
  • Price competitive
  • No moving parts

MV Hopper Loader: for granules and free flowing powder


Movacolor Vacuum (MV) Hopper Loader for free flowing powders and/or  granules. Complete with hopper lid, vacuum chamber with filter,  compressed air solenoid valve, material hose, Asens level sensor and  suction probe.The MV automatic Hopper Loader for free flowing powder and granules  uses a three stage vacuum generator which is driven by compressed air to  create a vacuum that brings material into a chamber. Once the chamber  is filled with material the cone will open and the material will be  discharged into the hopper.The system is equipped with a superior filter to ensure that the  finest particles (> 5 micron) stay in the system and aren’t released  into the atmosphere. This makes the MV Hopper Loader the most practical  and user friendly system for both powders and granules. 

Features MV Hopper loader

  • For free flowing powders with bulk density > 1kg/l. and / or granules
  • Maximum capacity from 50 to 100 kg/h. (mat dep.)
  • The unit comes complete with hopper lid, vacuum chamber with filter,  compressed air solenoid valve and 3 m. 16 mm. transport hose with  stainless steel suction pipe and Asens level sensor

Benefits MV Hopper loader

  • Robust vacuum hopper loader
  • Compact
  • Fully integrated with dosing unit
  • Good filtering

automatic single and 3 phase loader systems

MFD Motor feeder (1 phase) loader: automatic conveyance of free-flowing, granule formed material


 Maximum capacity 30 to 120 kg/h. Complete with material hose and suction  probe. This hopper loader can be fitted on a support frame or main  material hopper. This Hopper Loader is also available with a brushless  motor.  


Features MFD Motor feeders (1 Phase)

  • Motor feeder single phase Hopper loader
  • For automatic conveyance of free-flowing, granule-formed raw material (min. grain size of 3 mm)
  • Maximum capacity 120 kg/h.
  • Including suction probe, 3 meter conveying hose, 32mm
  • All material contact points in stainless steel
  • AISI 304
  • Loader cover coated RAL3002
  • Low noise level < 69 dB. IN~220~240V 50 / 60Hz

Benefits MFD Motor feeders (1 Phase)

  • High power hopper loader for local conveying 
  • Compact size 

3PH Motor feeders (3 Phase) Hopper Loader: conveying of free-flowing powder or granules


Maximum capacity 150 to 2,000 kg/h. Complete with material hose and  suction probe. This Hopper Loader can be fitted directly on a support  frame or main material hopper. 


Features 3PH Motor feeders (3 Phase)

  • 3 Phase vacuum Hopper Loader for conveying of free flowing powder or granules
  • Maximum capacity 300 kg/h.
  • 8 liter receiver
  • Single blower
  • 1.1kW. Inc. telescopic suction probe in galvanized steel
  • 2 x 3mtr hose, 38 / 38mm
  • Voltage 3~50 / 60Hz, 380-480V.

Benefits 3PH Motor feeders (3 Phase)

  • Also for dusty materials / regrinds ( in combination with cyclone) 
  • Long conveying distances 


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