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Plastic Processing Machinery and Equipment for Converters and Recyclers

Plastic Processing Machinery and Equipment for Converters and Recyclers

Plastic Processing Machinery and Equipment for Converters and RecyclersPlastic Processing Machinery and Equipment for Converters and RecyclersPlastic Processing Machinery and Equipment for Converters and Recyclers

Mission Statement

At Red Arrow Industries our mission is to drive down your operating costs. We accomplish this by representing a lineup of plastic processing machinery and equipment that is unmatched in reliability and performance.  Our network of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are leaders in their respective fields because they are dedicated to providing solutions that generate higher rates of productivity.  Leveraging the know-how of our determined OEMs creates space for you to produce higher levels of customer satisfaction and profit.  Red Arrow Industries is ready to help you Break Through to the next level of manufacturing excellence from their partnerships and expertise.

Our Partners




Heat transfer machines

Heat Transfer; Performance and sustainability without compromise

Chillers, Heat Transfer, Process Cooling, Temperature Control Units, High Temperature Control Units

Frigel Heat Transfer Systems have a decisive influence on your business and the environment around us.  Improve your competitiveness and respect the environment with Intelligent Process Cooling Systems. From high-complexity automotive components to ultra-fast thin-wall  packaging, this new approach covers all the needs of temperature control  in molding, blow molding and extrusion. 

Precise Temperature Control Units


As a world leading manufacturer of temperature control equipment, HB-Therm AG has developed and produced innovative temperature control technology that meet the highest quality standards since 1967. With comprehensive expertise and a motivated workforce, the company has gained recognition as a technology leader in the industry.

Injection molding machines and takeout robots

Two-Platen Molding Machines


LS Mtron, leading the injection molding industry for 50 years,  is a comprehensive manufacturer of injection molding machines ranging  from 500 ton to 4,500 tons in servo-hydraulic. Possessing outstanding technology and R&D capabilities, the company exports 60% of its products to over 50 countries through 32 proprietary sales and  service offices located in 25 countries around the world.  

All Electric Molding Machines


As a leader in the industry, JSW provides a full line of injection molding machines, ranging from small to ultra-large models, which offer ease of operation, safety, and environment-friendly improvements such as energy- and space-saving features.  JSW has established a global network which covers the United States, Europe, and Asia, and put together a worldwide support system. plastic processing machinery

Top Entry Robots and Sprue Pickers

Top Entry Robots, Red Arrow Industries, Servo Robots, Yudo Robots

YUDO-SUNS is one of the top best-in-class engineering solution providers based on its state-of-art Multi-tasking Robots in plastic injection molding industry. We are striving to meet customer expectations by holistic and seamless understanding and knowhow of plastic injection molding process.  We provide the most optimum engineering solution covering all processes from first to last by value chain and process analysis.  

Recycling, Washing and size reduction

Recycling Systems

Plastic Recycling Systems, PET Recycling, HDPE Recycling, Film Recycling, FDA Approved RPET

The systems from EREMA are designed for a single purpose: to make  plastics recycling as innovative and efficient as possible. We develop  reliable machines and components that are customer and solution-oriented  in every detail. For us, sustainable business goes hand-in-hand with  profitable processing . At the moment there are more than 5000 of our systems in operation worldwide. plastics recycling equipment machinery.

Intarema:  Inverse Tangential conditioning and feeding


PureLoop stands for the highly efficient recycling of clean production  waste using shredder-extruder technology.  Convert your  valuable production waste into recycled plastic pellets with the best  quality characteristics in an even gentler process. Powerful, safe and  quiet, PureLoop provides  cost-efficiency, productivity and quality in plastic recycling.

ISEC:  Integrated Shredder Extruder Combination.

Washing Systems for Flexible and Rigid Post Consumer and Industrial Resin

Material Washing Lines

 Lindner WashTech. The system components. Recycling as a smooth process chain: this is the idea behind our standard-setting system concepts.  Building on from our decades of experience in the shredding technology,  we are today also that decisive step ahead in the field of washing and  processing systems. We provide solutions that simply work more  efficiently. Because everything is perfectly coordinated. plastics recycling equipment machinery



Tria has specialized in the design and manufacturing of rotary knife  granulators and grinding systems for over 57 years. Our main objective  is the design and manufacturing of granulators, systems and solutions  which meet the high efficiency and safety requirements that are industry  specific. We strive for excellence in providing outstanding products  and stand by our superior craftsmanship and dedication to quality. plastics recycling equipment machinery

Loading and dosing

Material Loading


Hamilton Plastics Systems develops, manufactures, distributes, and supports a wide range of plastic material conveying, blending and conditioning machinery used in the plastic processing industry.

Our equipment includes Vacuum, pneumatic, and mechanical material conveying, volumetric and gravimetric blending, hot air and dehumidifying material drying, water and oil heating and cooling machinery, granulation and scrap recovery systems, silos for outside and inside material storage, product conveyors and transfer systems.

Gravimetric and Volumetric Dosing and Blending


Movacolor’s gravimetric and volumetric dosing systems prevent over and under dosing and simultaneously ensure a stable coloring process. The  dosing cylinder introduces the colorant directly into the main material  which prevents color separation. Consistent color contributes to a high  quality end product, reduces scrap, minimizes rejects and increases  profit. 

Material Drying and Condtioning


Vismec is more than simply the sum of our competences.  We are born to deliver top-notch machinery that offer our clients the best performances on the market.

We project, develop, and realize well-finished solutions that complies to the highest quality and efficiency standards.

International experience, qualified training and continuous research are at the basis of our success.

We are pioneers in design and technology, we believe in the power of our ideas, which we cultivate with dedication.