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Plastic Processing Machinery and Equipment for Converters and Recyclers

Plastic Processing Machinery and Equipment for Converters and Recyclers

Plastic Processing Machinery and Equipment for Converters and RecyclersPlastic Processing Machinery and Equipment for Converters and Recyclers

Heat Transfer systems

Fully Integrated Heat Transfer System

Heat Transfer, Process Water Technology Chillers

Frigel’s integrated, modular central cooling systems and heat transfer solutions are custom-engineered to optimize performance in your application and  your facility.

Some of the world’s most efficient top-performing companies are   turning to us for our innovative technical leadership to help them  move  beyond conventional cooling tower and central chilling systems,  and toward better results – in  performance, efficiency, water use, up-time  and  nearly every other measure that matters.  

Ecodry™ Adiabatic Liquid Cooler

Adiabatic Cooling System, process chiller,

Ecodry is a central closed-loop  designed as a  replacement of old cooling tower technology.
Ecodry is  installed out-doors in order to reject to ambient the heat  extracted from  processes (if not recovered). This modular system is  made up of close  circuit adiabatic fluid coolers with large copper  coils and aluminum fin  heat-exchangers and inverter driven   DC-brushless fans, that can keep  coolant temperature even lower than  ambient temperature, thanks to the Internationally Patented Adiabatic  Chamber which, during high ambient temperature conditions, pre-cools the  air before it  reaches the finned heat exchangers.      

Microgel™ Refrigeration Unit


Microgel  is a single stage compact process chiller designed to supply consistent  and precise cooling conditions. It is easily installed and connected to  process, digitally-synchronized with the processing line and  automatically operated by it, delivering with high precision the cooling  parameters (coolant temperature and flow rate) pre-programmed by the  operator according to the actual demand and adapting the logics of  control to the  specific requirements of the process according to  process status (ON/OFF, RUN/STOP, IDLE or CIP) at any given time. 

Optionally  Microgel may also be operated as a "heat-pump" in order to easily  achieve heat recovery from cooling loads, by being able to produce hot  water (up to 60°C)..

remote heat transfer machines

Turbogel and Thermogel Temperature Control Units


Turbogel and Thermogel water temperature control units (TCUs) offer a high flow rate, high mold cooling capacity and excellent product  precision at minimum energy costs. It’s an ideal solution to help you   maximize mold performance and cut cycle times.    

HB Therm - High Temperature Water Control Units


As the exclusive North American distributor of advanced HB-Therm  products, Frigel North America brings you high efficiency and high technology.   These meticulously engineered units offer robust data recording, making  them ideal for medical applications where validation is key, as well as  other jobs involving small, precision parts made by plastic injection  machines.     More